Once the capital of Raja Bikramaditya and Raja Pratapaditya was at Dhumghat. Later it was transferred to Ishwaripur (Originated from the name Jeshoreshwaripur). Raja Pratapaditya declared independence of south bengal (Jashohar) against the Mughal Empire of India.

Jashoreshwari Kali Temple (built by Raja Pratapaditya), Chanda Bhairab Mandir at Ishwaripur (a triangular temple, built during the Sena period), Five domed Tenga Mosque at Banshipur (Mughal period), two big and four small domed Hammankhana (constructed by Raja Pratapaditya) at Bangshipur, Govinda Dev Temple at Gopalpur (built by Basanta Roy, uncle of Raja Pratapaditya in 1593), Jahajghata Port (Khanpur).

A battle between the Pak army and the freedom fighters was held at Gopalpur on 20 August 1971 in which freedom fighters Subedar Ilias Khan, Abul Kalam Azad, Abdul Kader and Abdul Jabbar were killed. On 12 September 1971 the Pak army conducted genocide at Harinagar in which 39 persons were killed and 2 wounded. Mass killing sites are Harinagar and Katkhali. Memorial monuments are found at Gopalpur and Harinagar.


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